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Put me in, coach!

If you saw my post from yesterday regarding my 25 years working for IDEMIA and its corporate predecessors, you may have noticed something that I wrote.

Today (July 8, 2020) is a fitting day to reshare this – for reasons that should probably be discussed in a future blog post. 

Well, here we are.

And now that it’s July 9, I can officially reveal that I…am now a free agent.

By Schyler at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Which – let’s face it – sounds a lot better than saying “I was laid off in the middle of a pandemic.”

And honestly I am not the only person who has been laid off over the last few months. Some businesses were impacted early on, and some businesses have sadly closed entirely. And while IDEMIA was partially immune to some of the adverse effects of the pandemic, it was not completely immune.

So what does this mean? Well, I’m looking for work. And if you need someone with industry expertise in identity (including biometrics and secure documents) who has worked in corporate strategy, strategic marketing, and product management, then feel free to review the short version of my qualifications, or the more detailed version.

By the way, I am open to remote work. Since Orange County issued its stay-at-home order in March, I’ve been working from home. And even before that, I was practically in a remote working situation – my office was in Anaheim, my boss’ office was in Billerica, Massachusetts, and his boss’ office was in San Francisco, and the other person on our team was based in Reston, Virginia.

So what else will I be doing, other than job hunting? Well, I’ll be keeping up with goings-on in the industry. In fact, on Friday Identiverse Virtual will be hosting a session entitled “Mobile Driver’s License built with Privacy by Design and Default – A Discussion.” I’ve registered for the session, which will be presented by three people from…IDEMIA. (That company knows a little bit about mobile driver’s licenses, after all.)

And while I’m on this journey, I’m probably going to violate many personal branding rules. I probably won’t be strategizing next-generation optimizations and verbing my best-of-breed paradigm shifting. (Some of those paradigms are pretty heavy, after all.)

But I’m going to have fun.

By the way, if you want to contact me, remember the phrase “JEBredCal.” It’s the name of this website and the new handle for my professional Twitter account. (OK, maybe I do brand a little bit.) Now take that word “JEBredCal,” then add an “at” sign, then add the phrase “gmail,” then a period, then the phrase “com.”


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