Multiple tasks for multiple people

Since I’ve been working as an independent contractor (while still seeking full-time employment), I’ve found myself juggling a bunch of tasks between multiple clients, as well as taking care of non-billable work promoting the business itself. Which really isn’t that different from my years of employment. Unless you are a personal assistant to a jealousContinue reading “Multiple tasks for multiple people”

Marketing lessons learned from small and large firms

My career has followed a trajectory of sorts. After college, my first three full-time positions were with small companies, each with less than a dozen employees. I then began working for larger and larger companies, until in November 2000 I was working for 150,000 employee Motorola. It turns out that was the peak of Motorola’sContinue reading “Marketing lessons learned from small and large firms”

My LinkedIn article “Don’t ban facial recognition”

This post serves as a pointer to an article that I just published on LinkedIn, “Don’t ban facial recognition.” If you’re going to prohibit use of a particular tool, you may want to check the alternatives to that tool to see if the alternatives are better…or worse. To read the article, go here.

An example of “exceeding the RFP requirement”

I thought I had told this complete story before, but it looks like I only hinted at it in bits and pieces. Let me bring those bits and pieces together, telling how one biometric vendor “exceeded the requirement” of a Request for Proposal (RFP) written for another biometric vendor…before the two warring biometric vendors mergedContinue reading “An example of “exceeding the RFP requirement””

The biometric systems development lifecycle

One advantage of holding multiple job positions (rather than a single position) is that I have been exposed to every part of the biometric systems development lifecycle, either from a management perspective, an analysis perspective, or a documentation perspective. During my years with IDEMIA, MorphoTrak, Motorola, and Printrak, and continuing in my Bredemarket consulting career,Continue reading “The biometric systems development lifecycle”

The spiral of people connections

As we work for or with various companies, we amass a wealth of connections with people. As time moves on, those people move on to other companies, or perhaps we move on to other companies, or the companies themselves get divested or acquired. After a few years, or after 26 years, that spiral means thatContinue reading “The spiral of people connections”

Has your firm provided your “spiky points of view” on the draft NISTIR 8334 yet?

Over the weekend, I shared a link to a Biometric Update article that talked about a new draft document from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. While Biometric Update shared a link to the draft document itself, it didn’t share the link that explicitly explained how interested parties could comment on the draft document.Continue reading “Has your firm provided your “spiky points of view” on the draft NISTIR 8334 yet?”

Patience (the textual version)

I have a podcast for my Bredemarket consultancy. The podcast episodes are short 1-2 minute snippets of highly important observations. Or at least I think they’re highly important. Such as my appreciation for a particular Guns N’ Roses song, the subject of a recent podcast episode entitled “Patience.” My podcast is available on various platforms,Continue reading “Patience (the textual version)”

The content continuum: content is not simply “external” or “internal”

This post gets into the weeds about different types of content creation and moves from the binary choices of “external content” vs. “internal content” to a discussion of a more robust content continuum. This may not be useful to everyone, but it’s useful to ME so I’m putting it on (virtual) paper. Introduction Binary thinkingContinue reading “The content continuum: content is not simply “external” or “internal””

Why I never…well, rarely…use the word “customize”

Most of my writing work over the last 25-plus years has been devoted to rather complex computer software. Unlike simpler computer software that works “out of the box,” more complex software packages such as automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) need some tweaking before you can use it. For example, let’s say that I’m selling anContinue reading “Why I never…well, rarely…use the word “customize””

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