I need help…or do I?

This has happened again, so I thought I’d mention it. Henrietta Helpme needed help with something, so Henrietta asked her contacts to assist her, including Trudy Trust. Trudy Trust went to her network and contacted me and others, letting us know of Henrietta’s need. I then contacted Henrietta, letting her know that I had heardContinue reading “I need help…or do I?”

Procurement questions and answers

Now I’m not going to give away ALL of the tactics that I’ve used over the years, but I’ll mention three particular tactics that might come into play in the question-and-answer process. Two of these tactics can be used by the bidders asking the questions, and one of them can be used by the procurement officer answering the questions.

Pursuing the (APMP) foundation

This material was originally posted yesterday to the LinkedIn Bredemarket page. I’ve edited it slightly: phrases such as “I just downloaded” in the original were updated, I’ve changed the hashtags to WordPress tags, I’ve added a pretty picture (which I can’t do with LinkedIn posts), and I have provided an update at the end. I’veContinue reading “Pursuing the (APMP) foundation”

Quantifying my LinkedIn profile

All of the experts urge you to quantify your accomplishments. And in this case, the experts are right. But to quantify your accomplishments, you need data. And that’s an issue that I’ve been facing because of prior neglect. The statistics that I should have collected in the past When I was working on proposals atContinue reading “Quantifying my LinkedIn profile”

Is “the Great Resignation” coming? Or did it already happen?

In the employment world, the big phrase on everyone’s lips right now is “The Great Resignation.” The idea is that once all the work from home (WFH) employees are ordered back to the office, so many of them will say “no way!” that they will quit en masse, leaving employers to scramble. That’s the commonContinue reading “Is “the Great Resignation” coming? Or did it already happen?”

Following conferences remotely #iai2021

Now that trade shows and conferences are starting to move back toward in-person events, there is a clear difference between attending a conference and NOT attending a conference. In these cases, you need to be physically present at the conference to obtain the best information. Of course, some conferences are so big that you missContinue reading “Following conferences remotely #iai2021”

Do not respond to the bot: how a few companies handle “human” resources

I debated about posting this, but then I asked myself: do some companies realize how they are perceived when job applicants undergo their “human” resources processes? In addition (as I note below) some of the issues with poorly-managed corporations are being discussed on LinkedIn, and it’s best to have these discussions out in the open.Continue reading “Do not respond to the bot: how a few companies handle “human” resources”

Multiple tasks for multiple people

Since I’ve been working as an independent contractor (while still seeking full-time employment), I’ve found myself juggling a bunch of tasks between multiple clients, as well as taking care of non-billable work promoting the business itself. Which really isn’t that different from my years of employment. Unless you are a personal assistant to a jealousContinue reading “Multiple tasks for multiple people”

Marketing lessons learned from small and large firms

My career has followed a trajectory of sorts. After college, my first three full-time positions were with small companies, each with less than a dozen employees. I then began working for larger and larger companies, until in November 2000 I was working for 150,000 employee Motorola. It turns out that was the peak of Motorola’sContinue reading “Marketing lessons learned from small and large firms”

My LinkedIn article “Don’t ban facial recognition”

This post serves as a pointer to an article that I just published on LinkedIn, “Don’t ban facial recognition.” If you’re going to prohibit use of a particular tool, you may want to check the alternatives to that tool to see if the alternatives are better…or worse. To read the article, go here.

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