My Experience

I offer experience in content/product marketing management, proposal management, corporate strategy and strategic marketing, and product management.

Content/Product Marketing Management

I have managed, conceived, created, written, and edited an array of marketing materials, both as a biometric content marketing expert and as a general technology content marketing expert.

Blogs and Blog Posts

I have written corporate blog posts for Bredemarket clients and for Bredemarket itself. While the client posts were ghostwritten and therefore unattributed, the owner of Bredemarket (me) has given me permission to reprint and link to a Bredemarket post. Other posts can be viewed at the Bredemarket blog.

Excerpt from Bredemarket blog post, targeted to identity clients, addressing issues related to the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act. Original post here.

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Case Studies

I have created case studies for my employers and for Bredemarket clients.

Samples available on request.

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Data Sheets

I have created data sheets for my employers and to market my Bredemarket consultancy.

Excerpt from “Bredemarket and Identity Firms.” Original here.

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Email Marketing

For two years I was responsible for IDEMIA’s “Daily News” email that was sent to selected employees and certain non-employee partners. Because IDEMIA participated in so many markets, the email served to keep the readers up-to-date with happenings in all of these markets, including significant news from IDEMIA and its competitors.

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Facebook Marketing

To promote Bredemarket on Facebook, I have created a Facebook Bredemarket page, and three Facebook groups targeted to individual markets: Bredemarket Identity Firm Services, Bredemarket Technology Firm Services, and Bredemarket General Business Services.

Bredemarket Identity Firm Services group on Facebook.

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LinkedIn Marketing

While at MorphoTrak, I was responsible for planning the subsidiary’s contributions to the parent Morpho LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, primarily for trade shows and our MorphoTrak Users Conference.

To promote Bredemarket on LinkedIn, I have created a Bredemarket company page and two showcase pages, Bredemarket Identity Firm Services and Bredemarket Technology Firm Services.

Bredemarket Identity Firm Services showcase page on LinkedIn.

I have also written LinkedIn articles.

Excerpt from a LinkedIn article. Original here. Also repurposed as a Bredemarket blog post.

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Partner Marketing

I was responsible for the co-marketing efforts between Motorola’s Biometric Business Unit and Oracle in the mid-2000s. While much of this material is no longer available, portions still exist online today.

Excerpt from “Motorola asserts itself in the biometrics market,” Homeland Security News Wire, November 7, 2006. Original here.

Also see this presentation from one of my former colleagues, which was part of this partner marketing effort.

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I have presented at IDEMIA/MorphoTrak/Motorola/Printrak Users Conferences, the International Association for Identification, the Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers, and an Oracle OpenWorld Unconference.

Discussing my smartphone app at a MorphoTrak Users Conference.

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Scientific Book Chapters and Articles

Many years ago, an article co-authored by myself and one of my MBA professors was published in Industrial Data & Management Systems.

Abstract from “Communications Revolution and its Impact on Managing Organisations Effectively.” Original here.

Some time after that, I assisted two IDEMIA coworkers and a Bredemarket client in editing their chapter submissions to two academic books.

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Smartphone Applications

No, I didn’t code a smartphone application myself. But for several years, I was the primary person responsible for populating MorphoTrak/IDEMIA Users Conference information into the conference app, created on CVENT’s CrowdCompass platform.

Unfortunately, you can’t really see the app in this picture.
There, that’s better.

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Trade Show Demonstration Scripts

For several years, I was responsible for managing the trade show demonstration scripts for the events in which MorphoTrak participated. This involved receiving input from subject matter excerpts (SMEs) and converting the raw data into one-minute demonstration scripts that introduced potential customers to each of MorphoTrak’s products. These were usually developed in preparation for that spring’s Users Conference, and then re-used for other trade shows throughout the summer and fall.

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While at MorphoTrak, I was responsible for planning the subsidiary’s contributions to the parent Morpho LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, primarily for trade shows and our MorphoTrak Users Conference.

Promoting the 2017 MorphoTrak User Conference hashtag #OTMorphoBeyondID. Original here (protected tweet).

I have also tweeted on my own to augment corporate activities, to promote my own Bredemarket consultancy, and in a personal capacity.

Promoting the 2016 MorphoTrak Users Conference hashtag #License2Identify. Original here.

I have been long recognized as an early adopter of hashtags, having written two seminal posts on the topic: Hashtagging Challenges When Events Occur at Different Times in Different Locations (January 1, 2008), and (empo-tymshft) #oow09 #hashtag emergence and standardization FTL (September 23, 2009).

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Web Page Content

During my time at MorphoTrak, I spent several months assembling US-oriented company and product descriptions to populate the French-managed Morpho website.

Then Morpho merged with Oberthur, I was transferred to another position, and the web content had to be re-created. Mergers happen (I’ve been through several others).

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White Papers

I have created white papers for my employers and for Bredemarket clients.

Redacted excerpt from white paper created for a Bredemarket client.

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Proposal Management

I have managed, written, and edited proposals for my employers and clients.

During my time at IDEMIA and its corporate predecessors MorphoTrak, Motorola, and Printrak, the most significant proposal that I managed was one to the Albuquerque Police Department for a cloud-based automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS).

  • MorphoTrak had been unsuccessful in its previous cloud proposals, but a commitment by new management to provide cloud solutions led to success with Albuquerque.
  • The proposal not only addressed the technological issues involved in hosting an AFIS on the cloud, but also the financial and legal issues that needed to be addressed.
  • As usual on such proposals, I worked with people throughout MorphoTrak’s organization to ensure a winning proposal, which was accepted by the Albuquerque Police Department and became MorphoTrak’s first cloud installation.
  • This was the first of several local and state cloud solutions implemented by MorphoTrak and IDEMIA in the coming years.

Over the years, both formally as a proposal manager and proposal writer and also as a strategic marketer and product manager, I participated in a number of proposals issued by IDEMIA and its corporate predecessors. These are just a few of the winning proposals which I managed or helped to write as an in-house biometric proposal writing expert.

I have continued my proposal involvement as a Bredemarket consultant for several clients, creating proposal templates for one client, writing technical responses for multiple RFP responses for one client, and managing a client’s RFI submission.

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Corporate Strategy and Strategic Marketing

In addition to my tactical accomplishments, I have assisted in long-term strategic planning and marketing.

  • On two separate occasions I actively participated in the three-year planning by our French corporate parent (Morpho, later IDEMIA), providing North America information to flow into the planning for both core and growth markets.
  • I participated in the evaluation of two product lines from our French corporate parent to see if they could be successfully introduced into the North American market. One of these, a video analytics product, was successfully adapted to address the unique needs of North American federal, state/provincial, and local government customers and enterprise customers. In addition to evaluating the market, I created the first North American sales playbook for this video analytics product.
  • I contributed significant content to the monthly competitive analysis summary distributed to IDEMIA executives, and also authored short summaries of competitors that were generated as needed.
  • For several years, I managed a closely-guarded master list of software installations for IDEMIA and its competitors for multiple product lines. This list formed the basis for more widely distributed material focused on IDEMIA installations only.
  • As a corporate strategist, I became more involved in identified growth markets for IDEMIA such as the border control market and sports and entertainment facilities, and also helped to identify potential new markets as COVID-19 changed the identity landscape.

I also participated in other strategic activities throughout the years, including the tracking of ongoing pilot projects, and several price analyses.

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Product Management

I have managed three generations of a biometric product (Omnitrak version 8, Printrak BIS versions 9 and 10). This product, which advanced the previous Series 2000 and Series 7 offerings to become true version-controlled products featuring a multi-tier architecture, formed the architectural basis for IDEMIA’s current MBIS product.

During this time, I ensured successful SEI-CMM assessment in the requirements management area, a new achievement for the Printrak portion of Motorola’s organization.

In addition to the duties for my own product, I chaired the local Change Control Board and Front End Commitment group, both of which considered changes to all of Motorola’s biometric products.

As mentioned above, I also contributed to partner marketing efforts with Oracle.

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