My identities are experienced.

Every one of us has multiple identities, which we present in different situations. This “About” page describes some of my identities.

My professional identity

I offer industry expertise in biometric identity and secure document identity in the government and commercial markets.

  • Federal, international, state/provincial, and local public security (finger, face, iris, DNA, and voice biometrics, as well as video analytics)
  • State and federal civil identity, including digital identity (driver’s licenses, facial recognition, and document authentication via stationary devices and smartphone software)
  • Commercial applications in access control and sports venue management (finger and face biometrics and document authentication via stationary devices and smartphone software)

I offer functional experience in corporate strategy, strategic marketing, product management, communications, event management, and proposals.

  • Strategic market, company, and product analyses for both established and prospective markets
  • Marketing support for sales playbooks and other internal communications
  • Product management for next-generation automated fingerprint identification system
  • Internal and external communications to a wide variety of stakeholders
  • Back-office and presentation experience for the MorphoTrak/IDEMIA user conferences, Oracle OpenWorld, the International Association for Identification, and other organizations
  • Management of successful competitive and sole source proposals with contributions from multiple internal and external stakeholders, resulting in over $25 million in revenue.

My efforts have won business in the short term and positioned the enterprise and its government and commercial partners for success in the long term.

At present I am seeking full-time employment (see my LinkedIn profile), and am also accepting independent contracting projects (see my Bredemarket website).

My civic identity

My family has been involved in Youth for Understanding since my wife was an exchange student herself. We have served as area representatives for international students who spend a year in the United States, and have also hosted six students ourselves.

My amateur identity

If I have a professional identity, it logically follows that I should have an amateur identity. When not writing for companies and clients on a professional basis, I have written on a variety of topics of interest to me, including business, California’s Inland Empire, music, and time. I’ve also fooled around with podcasting. In addition, I’ve created some electronic music over the years; this is the latest iteration.

My personal identity

That’s personal.

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