Has your firm provided your “spiky points of view” on the draft NISTIR 8334 yet?

Over the weekend, I shared a link to a Biometric Update article that talked about a new draft document from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. While Biometric Update shared a link to the draft document itself, it didn’t share the link that explicitly explained how interested parties could comment on the draft document.Continue reading “Has your firm provided your “spiky points of view” on the draft NISTIR 8334 yet?”

Classification, Individualization, and Albino Wallabies

Classification is not individualization. A few seconds’ time reading about Joy Buolamwini’s work Gender Shades illustrates the difference. It is clear that Buolamwini and her co-authors were trying to answer a very specific question: How well do IBM, Microsoft, and Face++ AI services guess the gender of a face? Note that they were NOT tryingContinue reading “Classification, Individualization, and Albino Wallabies”

So what do the NIST face mask tests REALLY mean?

You’ve probably seen a lot of recent articles about NIST’s tests of facial recognition algorithms against people wearing masks. The headlines of these articles sometimes don’t capture the entire truth, however. Normally I do not speak about NIST results because when past NIST results were released, I was employed by a company that participated inContinue reading “So what do the NIST face mask tests REALLY mean?”

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