Multiple tasks for multiple people

Since I’ve been working as an independent contractor (while still seeking full-time employment), I’ve found myself juggling a bunch of tasks between multiple clients, as well as taking care of non-billable work promoting the business itself.

Which really isn’t that different from my years of employment.

Unless you are a personal assistant to a jealous boss, any employee is going to have to deal with a number of people, even if the specific job duties don’t require this.

Obviously people who work in proposals or product management have to deal with multiple departments and multiple tasks by nature, but even someone whose job requires the person to do one thing all the time has to interact with multiple people.

  • The person has to interact with IT to get the computer or phone or security system working.
  • The person has to interact with human resources to get paid or get benefits.
  • And there are other departments, depending upon the particular company.

So an independent contractor’s interactions aren’t all that different from an employee’s interactions. You can’t even say “but employees only interact with people from one company, not clients from multiple companies.” Employees often interact with customers, vendors, industry associations, and other external partners.

In fact, the only two differences that I see between independent contractors and employees are the following:

  • Independent contractors (at least in those states where ABC criteria apply) are paid by multiple entities. Employees are paid by one entity (unless the employee is getting payments under the table).
  • An independent contractor never has to face the statement “you can’t do that; that’s someone else’s job to do that.” For an independent contractor, EVERYTHING is part of the job.

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