The spiral of people connections

As we work for or with various companies, we amass a wealth of connections with people. As time moves on, those people move on to other companies, or perhaps we move on to other companies, or the companies themselves get divested or acquired. After a few years, or after 26 years, that spiral means that we are connected to people at a number of different companies.

For my own edification, I tried to look at all of the significant connections that I have made since I began consulting for Printrak International in 1994. Where did all of my connections end up?

By supposingly Ashill from Milky Way 2005.jpg –, Public Domain,

Of course, some of them have retired.

But in addition to those retirees, I obviously know a lot of people that now work for over a dozen biometric companies. Naturally I know many people at IDEMIA, but I also know people at the other two of the “big three” in AFIS (NEC and Thales), people at both rapid DNA vendors (ANDE and Thermo Fisher Scientific), people at other fingerprint/face vendors (Clearview AI, DataWorks Plus, HID Global, Integrated Biometrics, and Realnetworks, among others, and several consultants (including two who went into consulting at the same time I did, for the same reason: Applied Forensic Services and BioConsult LLC).

But I also know people who work at over a dozen technology companies, including companies that offer non-biometric identity solutions. I won’t list all of those, but they range from large firms like Collins Aerospace and Microsoft to smaller firms such as Weedmaps (yes, Weedmaps is a technology firm).

(In passing I want to note that I thought I knew someone at Walmart, but that person has moved on to Comcast. I may talk about Walmart later.)

And this is just a sampling of the connections that I have to other companies. There are some non-technology connections that I could list, and there are other connections that I did not list for various reasons.

To be fair, the spiraling of these connections did not happen overnight. I didn’t have a connection to Weedmaps in 1994, primarily because Weedmaps didn’t exist in 1994 (both for technological and legal reasons). But as time goes by, and people move from job to job and company to company, their experience spirals out in a number of fascinating directions.

And my experience is not unusual.

I’d be willing to bet that with fifteen minutes of effort, you could identify over a dozen companies to which you have connections.

How are you benefiting your connections?

How are your connections benefiting you?

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