Has your firm provided your “spiky points of view” on the draft NISTIR 8334 yet?

Over the weekend, I shared a link to a Biometric Update article that talked about a new draft document from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. While Biometric Update shared a link to the draft document itself, it didn’t share the link that explicitly explained how interested parties could comment on the draft document.

Normally these documents would receive comments from interested users (such as first responders), interested vendors (such as those who provide biometric software for smartphones and tablets), and other interested parties (such as biometric consultants).

As it turns out, I happen to be a biometric consultant. And I have spiky points of view on the issues that were discussed, such as the number of authentication factors (hint: it’s not three). So I’ve already submitted 11 comments on the draft document.

No, I’m not sharing my actual comments here. Those are for NIST.

I will have to wait a few months to see if any of my comments are accepted, but at least I was able to submit my comments early, ensuring that they will receive consideration. (Unlike multinational firms, my consulting entity Bredemarket has a rather quick approval process, so I was able to expedite this project.)

And if other parties would like my assistance in submitting THEIR comments to NIST…well, I am a biometric consultant. And I’m not just a biometric proposal writing expert and a biometric content marketing expert, but I’m also a biometric draft standard comment submission expert (although I haven’t set up a dedicated page for that…yet).

So if you need my assistance in responding to this request for comment, contact Bredemarket.

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