Patience (the textual version)

I have a podcast for my Bredemarket consultancy. The podcast episodes are short 1-2 minute snippets of highly important observations. Or at least I think they’re highly important.

Such as my appreciation for a particular Guns N’ Roses song, the subject of a recent podcast episode entitled “Patience.”

My podcast is available on various platforms, but the podcasts that incorporate Spotify music are (act surprised) only available on Spotify. So if you want to hear my “Patience” podcast in its full glory, go here. I also created an “expurgated version” of the podcast without the music, which is available on Anchor and other platforms.

Some of the episodes on the Bredemarket podcast at Bredemarket • A podcast on Anchor

So why is patience important? Because, as I observe in both versions of the “Patience” podcast episode, our priorities may differ from the priorities of others.

There are gradations of importance and/or urgency. Something that is CRITICAL to us may only be EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to the other party.

And sometimes the need may be so urgent that it’s not urgent at all. For example, a company may be swamped in so much work that it needs to hire another person (or contract with another person), but it’s so swamped in work that it can’t carve out the time to hire another person.

Or, as Axl would put it, “Sometimes I get so tense, but I can’t speed up the time.”

Yeah, yeah.

P.S. to any potential employers or contractees who are reading this: should I ditch my corporate look and go for something different?

Corporate look.
Sunset Strip denizen look. By Original uploader was אליבאבא at he.wikipedia – Originally from he.wikipedia; description page is/was here., CC BY-SA 3.0,

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