It takes a (technological) village

I recently took a trip back to memory lane, to my product management days, when I looked up this Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) certification of a Motorola (now Motorola Solutions) fingerprint/palm print card flatbed scanner using Epson America Inc. hardware and Aware, Inc. software.


Card scanning still takes place today, either for very low volume agencies that can’t afford a livescan, or for very high volume agencies that need to convert hard card data to 1000 ppi.

A “lesson learned” from this is that it often takes several companies/organizations working together to achieve a goal. In that time period Motorola was not devoting resources to writing scanner drivers, and DEFINITELY was not devoting resources to building its own scanner hardware.

Motorola needed Epson and Aware to realize its goal of providing FBI-certified fingerprint and palm print card scanning. While Motorola theoretically could have achieved this on its own, Epson and Aware helped Motorola get to the market more quickly.

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